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Sell in Saint-Petersburg Electronic counter Keptrol R/T 

Electronic counter Keptrol RT

Is used to process signals (pulse and analog) from the primary flow transducers.

The frequency of the processed signals depends on the modification of the device:

Ceptral R/T from pulse input of pulse signals with a frequency up to 20 kHz.
Keptrol R/T from the analog input signals of 4-20 mA or 1-5V
As standard the adder Keptrol R/T available 2 separate 8-digit floating coefficient jammed (one for each input).

Optional for linearization device is available in 16 points for processing signals from the flow meters. Clicking the user can select the displayed value (total flow, flow rate, batch volume). The device is available in 2 outputs that can be activated independently from each other.

Using the open collector output device can generate a pulsed output signal. The frequency of the output signal can be selected from following values: 10, 200 2000 or 20000 Hz. This output enables the use of the adder in conjunction with Electromechanical and electronic counters as well as computers, programmable controllers or other equipment.

Available optional analog output allows the user to connect additional equipment (recording or otherwise). To serial ports (option) RS232 or RS422 possible to connect up to 15 different types of equipment for communication and for setting control points.

Food adder Keptrol R/T can be arranged from AC voltage 120 / 240VAC or from a DC network 12 ... 27 V.