Company "Neva-diesel engine" offers for the supply of marine and industrial equipment, spare parts for the ship's main and auxiliary diesel engines, railroad engines, pumps, compressors, separators at competitive prices:

main and auxiliary engines and spare parts:
2124788__1.jpg4CH 8,5/11, 6CH 9,5/11 (Dagdizel) 5D2, 5D2M, 5D4, DP26, DP18, DP45, DS25, 30M Caspian Sea, the Caspian Sea 40, 8D6s, 8D6, 10D6, DS55, DS35, DGA - 16/1500, DGKP-10M 

zik.jpg4 CН 10,5/13 (Yuzhdieselmash, Ukraine) K-562M, K-564A1, 564A2-K, K-364MA1, K-364MA2, K-360M, K-362M, K-962, K-167-2 K-167-3, 4DM13M 
- 6 CHN 12/14 (Yuzhdieselmash, Ukraine), K-164M1, K-171M1, K-457M1, K-958M1, K-471M1, K-166M1, K-661M1, K-763M1, K-461M1, K-169M1, K-270M1 / 1 
barnaul.jpg- 3D6-D12 (Barnaultrasmash) 1D12, 1D6, 1D6-100 1D6-100AD, 1D6-150 1D6-150AD, 2D6, 3D12, 3D6, 3D6S, 7D12, D12A, D12sp, D6, D6S, D6S-150, D6Sspets , D12A-375B, 1D12-400, 1D12B, 1D12BM, 1D12V-300, 1D12V-300K, 2D12B, 3D12A, 3D12AL, 7D12A-1
2124782__1.gif- CHN 18/22 (Daldiesel) 6CH18/22, 6CHN18/22-DD202, DD203, DD205, DD206, DD212, DD213
6CHSPN18/22-DD107, DD108, DD208, DD209, 8CHSPN18/22-DD103, DD104, DGR1A100/750, DGR1A160/750, DGR1A200/750
rumo- CHN 23/30, 36/45 CHN (RUMO) - G60, G70, G72, G74 (DIA) 1A 224/750 (6CH1A23/30), 1A 300/750 (8CH1A23/30), 2A 300/750 (8CH2A23/30), 1A 300/1000 (6CH1A23/30), 2A 300/1000 (6CH2A23 / 30), 1A 400/1000 (8CH1A23/30), DRA450 (6CHSP1A23/30), DRA600 (8CHSP1A23/30), G70, G74 (6CHRN36/45), DRA D74 (6CHRPN36/45) 
pervom.jpgCHN 25/34 (PDM) DGR200/500-2 (6CH 25/34-2), DGR300/500-1 (6CHN 25/34), DGA 315 (6CHN25/34-7) DGA 500 (8CHN25/34- 4), DGR320/500 (6CHN 25/34-3), DGR400/500-2 (8CHN 25/34-2), DGR500/500 (8CHN 25/34-3); 8CHNP 25/34
skl - NVD-26 (SKL) NVD26-2, NVD26A-2, NVD26-3, NVD26A-3
- NVD-36 (SKL) NVD36-1, NVD 36-1U, NVD 36-1A, NVD36-1AU, VD36/24
- NVD-48 (SKL) NVD48-2, NVD48A-2, NVD48-2U, NVD48A-2U, 8NVD48-2, 8NVDS48-2, 8NVDS48A-2, 6NVD48AU, 8NVD48AU
- VD-26/20 (SKL) 6VD26/20AL-1, 6VD26/20AL-2, 8VD26/20AL-1
m63123c65- CHN 18/20, CHN 16/17 (Zvezda), M753, M756, M775, M50, M400, M401A, M401B, M417, M419, DRA210V, M503, M504, M612, M623, M640 
D50 (Penzadieselmash) D50M, 5DG50M, 6DG50M/700, 6DG50M, PDG1M, 2DG50M, 2DG50M-PE3
logo_pielstick- 6 CHN 40/46 (Pielstick PC2-5), DR 30/50, DPRN23/2х30 (Russian diesel) 64G, 78G, AT-4000, SDA-5100, SDA-5600, SDA-6300
- 6CHN 21/21 ( "GMR" Balakovo) 211D-3, 211D-3M, 221D, 222D, 6ДМ-21
- D49 (Kolomna factory) CHN 26/26
- SKL NVD 21/15, NVD24, VD 18/15, VD 14,5 / 12 
skoda- CKD (Skoda) 6L275275III, 6-27,5 A0L, 6L275PNRr, 6L275IIIPN, 6-27,5 A2L, 6L350PN, 9L350IIPS, 9TSR35/50-2, 8DR43/61, 6TSR52, 5 / 72 (6L525), 6-27, 5B8L, 8-27,5 B8L, 12V-27, 5B8L, 3S110, 4S110, 6S110, 3L110, 4L110, 6L110, 6S160, 6L160, 6L160PN, 6S160PN, 6L160PNS, 6S160PNS, 6L150PV-3
- 6AL 25/30 (SULZER) 8AL 25/30, ASL25H, ATL25, ATL25H, RTA58, RTA72, RTA84, RTA96, TAD36, TAD48
- Parts of compressors 2OK1, KVD-M (G), K2-150, EKP-70/25, EC-3, EC-7, 5, EC-16, FV20, FU40, FUU80 
- Pumps and spare parts WHC, NTSKG, NTSV, NMSHF etc. (mechanical seals, impellers, etc.)
- Spare parts for marine boilers KOAV-68, -63, -200, KAV 4/7 and others. 
- Separators and spare parts SC-1, 5, SC-3, MARCHI et al
- Spare parts for gantry cranes GANZ ( "Ganz"), "Albatross", "Albert", "Sokol", "Condor", "Kirovets" 
- Marine electrical equipment (generators, starters, selsyns, starters, contactors, e-mail. Motors, lighting, galley equipment)
- TRC (relays, thermometers, pressure gauges, tachometers, sensors)
- Cleaning filter elements in fuel and oil
- Rubber products
- Inserts crankshafts ship, rail, automotive diesel engines, reciprocating compressors.

The geography of our customers and partners: from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin and Kamchatka, from Murmansk to Baku.
Operational shipment to any location on the customer's request.
We buy and take the realization of surplus stock of equipment and spare parts.
We provide services in the organization of repair (repair of diesel engines, compressors, fuel equipment, reverse-gear transmissions, electric motors, deck machinery).

Quickly process your requests, offer competitive pricing, guaranteed quality and best delivery.

Always in stock and to order any spare parts marine diesel engines: inserts connecting rods and crankshafts, indigenous, piston rings, valve timing, valve guides, valve seats, pistons, cylinder liner, starting valve, cylinder head gaskets, pumps, refrigeration, mechanical seals for pumps, impellers pumps, oil pumps, fuel pumps, sprayers, the discharge valve, plunger, fuel injectors, fuel lines and single-circuit dual-circuit, gears, vodovodyanye coolers, tube bundles, rubber goods, cleaning filter elements in fuel and oil, the TAP-60 thermometers, manometers MTP - 60, temperature sensors TAM-102, pressure switch and temperature MRC and their analogues, tachometers TMi1, TMi2, TMi3 and analogues, regulators PC-3M, PC-E, RL-2M, starters ST-25, the stop device SU-24

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